HCBI leaders continue investment campaign work

Huntingdon County Business and Industry (HCBI) continues to work on its 2016 investment campaign, as well as play a crucial role in the county’s economy.

“HCBI is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, recreational, educational, agricultural and civic interests of the county,” said Eden Addis, director of business outreach at HCBI.   While HCBI greatly benefits the community, it’s also a nonprofit organization that depends heavily on the business community through annual investments, Addis explained. “Without these investments, the organizations would not have the funds to carry out our mission to advance and grow the prosperity of the county’s economy.”

HCBI’s investment goals differ this year compared to previous years. The total goal is now $42,000 compared to $40,000 to compensate for rising costs. This corresponds to a revision in the organization’s tier system of investment, which simplifies the previous system by decreasing the number of investment levels and slightly increases the lower levels of encouraged investment amounts.

“The goal of our revisions is to simplify the investment ranges and levels, and to reasonably increase the base investment amounts in order to allow us to reach our goals,” said Addis.

There have been some minor setbacks this year due to the recent changes in tier levels.

“The increased tier amounts have led some business investors to opt out of contributing,” said Addis. “Any investment amount helps us continue to reach our goals and, in turn, help businesses with Huntingdon County grow, start up, attract new businesses or retain existing businesses.”

Some businesses that have continually offered financial support include Mutual Benefit Group, Bonney Forge, ACCO Brands, Keller Engineers, Kish Bank, N.E. Reinhart and Sons Inc., Juniata College and Clearfield Bank and Trust Co.

Mutual Benefit Group has been particularly consistent with investment.

“MBG is vitally dependent on a strong and growing economy throughout Huntingdon and greater centralPennsylvania,” said Steve Sliver, president/CEO of Mutual Benefit Group. “HCBI is a critical resource supporting business development, year in and year out. Our financial and volunteer support allows MBG to join in partnership with HCBI for the long-term good of our local economy and our neighbors as well.”

The investment campaign will end in October when HCBI begins campaigning for renewals and new investments for 2017. Any investments received after October will be applied in the following year’s campaign.

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