HCBI Provides Scholarship to PFEW

“Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a week-long intensive program that educates high school students about the American free enterprise system.” Students have the opportunity to work with a computer simulated model for a company where they get to make all the decisions a corporate executive would.  Throughout the entire process they are mentored by business professionals from across the state.  Juniata Valley School District Superintendent David Christopher stated that “these types of opportunities can be a real difference maker for our students”. 
High school students interested in any profession including starting their own business should highly consider attending.  The PFEW program provides a complete overview of what makes the free market system work and also helps to dispel common myths about the business community.  Topics covered during the week include economic concepts and terms including inspirational speakers who creatively address subjects concerning marketing, business and government cooperation, supply and demand, and the importance of ethical conduct in business dealings.
To be eligible, a student must have completed either their sophomore or junior year of high school; a recommendation from their teacher or guidance counselor is encouraged.  The program is one week long and takes place at Lycoming College.  Scholarships are available for students and are provided by the business community.
If businesses are to remain successful, a competitive workforce is a must.  “Accentuated by motivational speakers and interactive learning exercises, this one-of-a-kind program furnishes a real life educational experience for eager students. Scholarship recipients grasp the value of teamwork, cooperation and leadership and are provided with an invaluable opportunity to develop written and verbal communication skills.”  Programs like PFEW provide students with an “on the job” opportunity. 
Businesses – you have an opportunity to get involved!  Scholarships are provided to students by businesses from all across the Commonwealth.  If you are interested in sponsoring a student (you can request a Huntingdon County student), please visit www.pfew.org/ for more information.  The program also depends on volunteers from the business community to dedicate a week of their time to be a company advisor for the students. 
Huntingdon County Business and Industry, Inc. (HCBI) is proud to announce that it will be providing a sponsorship for one Huntingdon County high school student to attend the program.  “We are very excited that HCBI has agreed to sponsor a county student so that can have an experience like this” – David Christopher, Juniata Valley Superintendent.  Students in any of the four county high schools are encouraged to apply to the program at www.pfew.org/.