J.C. Blair opens new ER registration and triage areas

Huntingdon, Pa.  – The J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital’s new emergency department registration area is open for service, following inspection and approval from the Department of Health. The completion and opening of this first phase gives a glimpse of what the entire new ER will look like upon completion in the fall.

Patients can now enter the ER through the main entrance lobby or through the emergency entrance. From the main lobby, they will enter a new reception area that will accommodate seating, vending machines and television service for waiting families and friends of patients. The adjoining registration area will have additional seating for patients when needed before or after registering. The new triage room also opens today.

As part of the next phase of construction, the corridor to the radiology department was shut down during parts of June 12-13. 

The following week, starting June 20, the corridor between the ER and the radiology waiting/ registration area will be shut down for approximately ten days, and patients coming for radiology testing will be directed to a temporary entrance at the end of history hall. 

“Although the ER renovation and expansion project creates some challenges, we are very pleased with how well our staff and contractors are working together to keep our ER open and serving patients 24/7,” said J.C. Blair President and CEO Jason Hawkins. “The end result will be well worth it!”