Leaders approve CDBG revision

By Kylie Hawn

Daily News Staff Writer



Huntingdon County Commissioners approved a revised Huntingdon Borough Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from Huntingdon Borough at their regular weekly meeting Tuesday.
Huntingdon County planning director Mark Colussy explained though Huntingdon Borough is able to chose its own projects for CDBG funds, the county is required to approve any changes, as the county officially submits the grant application.
“They originally had $67,044 set aside for curb cuts, $20,000 set aside to replace street lights and $19,100 for administrative fees, but they discovered that Penelec will pay for the cost of replacing street lights,” said Colussy.
As a result, Colussy further explained that now $40,000 will be set aside for curb cuts, $47,094 will be set aside for housing rehabilitation and sidewalk replacements and $19,100 will remain for administrative costs.
Center for Community Action director Wendy Meliusalso sought approval from the commissioners to approve the county’s human services plan.
Commissioner Scott Walls, who led Tuesday’s meeting, read the terms of the plan, which indicate that services will be managed and delivered in accordance with the plan, a pre-expenditure plan is based on the county officials’ determination of need, the county will maintain records to support expenditure reports and the county will not discriminate against those who need services based on race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or handicap.
Commissioner and chairman Mark Sather and Walls approved the plan. Commissioner Jeff Thomas was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.
Huntingdon Borough resident Jim Cassatt asked about the status of the three recycling bins that were removed from outside the Smithfield Township building recently.
Walls said they hope to have them relocated very soon, hopefully by the beginning of July.
Cassatt offered to have the bins stored at a property in McConnellstown, but chief clerk Michelle Cerettsaid the bins have to remain in Smithfield Township.
“It just seems to me it’s a shame that we have these containers sitting around, and we spent money for them, but we’re not using them,” said Cassatt.
Sather assured them the county is actively looking at locations to place the containers.
In other business, commissioners approved:
— the purchase of service agreements with children and youth services and juvenile probation withMcCloskey Counseling Center — Project Compass for sexual abuse assessments for the 2015-16 fiscal year. This is a contract renewal.
— allowing the probation director and one probation officer attend the Sexual Abuse Prevention &Education Network conference in State College from July 27-29 at $180 per person per day. Funds will be paid for by grants obtained by the probation department.