New store will help promote positive brand

By Kylie Hawn

Daily News Staff Writer

Maurice Thompson of Alexandria, former owner of Tailgaters Apparel LLC, decided to make his own dream a reality when he gave up his full-time job recently and created the Win Over All brand.
Win Over All, according to Thompson, is more than just a storefront, it’s a place to help people live out the store’s mantra of confidence, fun and optimism.
“I was driving by here (on Penn Street) and said to my wife that I’ve always wanted to open a store near Boxer’s (Cafe), because this area is like a market square,” said Thompson. “My wife then told me there was a place for rent on Penn Street. I called the next day, and we got the ball rolling.”
This meant designing enough customized T-shirts to sell and creating an entire cinema theme for the storefront as well as the Win Over All brand.
“We got the store in February, and something that would normally take 12 months to do, we did in 5,” said Thompson.
Customers who will walk in to Win Over All won’t see a typical clothing shop, but will experience the cinema, with T-shirt displays that look more like eye-catching movie posters that show their entire stock.
“We didn’t want a standard store,” said Thompson. “When you turn on the TV, you may see a commercial for a comedy, then you may see a commercial for a horror film. There’s no one certain theme in the cinema, and that’s what I wanted to create.”
His customized T-shirt themes range from inspirational to lighthearted, but Thompson wants those who wear them to feel confident and celebrate whatever goal they may achieve, whether it’s a weight loss goal, a new job or overcoming an obstacle.
“We want you to feel like you can ‘be a star’ and ‘make your own highlights,’” said Thompson. “We want people to know of our philosophy of ‘be a kid everyday, take action, roll the dice (take chances) and claim your dreams.’ We wanted T-shirts that can make you laugh, but can help people confident and overcome obstacles and celebrate them.”
While Thompson is just starting off with T-shirts, he hopes he can expand by eventually offering other apparel.
“We want to see what people like first, whether it’s more serious, light-hearted or nontraditional stuff,” he said.
Other goals include offering opportunities for people to purchase T-shirts online.
Every purchase of a T-shirt will also be an opportunity to pay it forward with positivity.
T-shirts that will be sold at Win Over All Brand are of the best quality, said Thompson, with soft, high-quality fabrics.
“We want to give back to the area with every purchase someone makes,” said Thompson. “We’re not exactly sure what we’ll yet, but we want to use a portion of what we get from a T-shirt to give back to the community.”
Thompson also remains an Under Armour affiliate, so those who wish to order Under Armour garments are still able to do so.
A grand opening “premier” celebration will be held from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, June 25, at the Penn Street store, with discounts available on shirts.
No matter what happens with Win Over All, Thompson said he and his wife, Kate, are rooted to this area, and that motivates them both to keep the brand personal.
“We want to create an impact within the community and inspire others,” said Thompson. “We always want this to be our home. We want to keep it personal.”
For more information about Win All Over, visit the Facebook page at Win All Over Brand LLC, or call them at 599-7636.