ReInvision Huntingdon Group Efforts Continue

By Kylie Hawn

Daily News Staff Writer

Another community meeting for ReInvision Huntingdon Inc. was held at the Huntingdon Community Center Tuesday evening to build on ideas discussed at a previous meeting in March.

One idea that was formed was a community food garden and, since the last meeting, group members have met three times to discuss a vision for the garden and find community stakeholders with which to work.

Gibboney said the team will present a proposal to private landowners in the borough to seek permission to utilize land in a central location for the food garden initiative.“ReInvision Huntingdon is currently working with eight community volunteers on the community food garden team,” said ReInvision Huntingdon Inc. founder Ryan Gibboney “Each team member brings varying professional experience in gardening, horticulture, community initiatives, after-school programming and design of gardens.

Nick Miller of Huntingdon created a mission statement for the community garden group.

“We wish to create a community garden where families and youth interested in gardening can have a space to do so,” said Miller. “In addition to providing a place to garden, we will also provide horticultural/ gardening education to schools and the general public through cooperation with the local school districts, colleges, after-school programs and various community-centered agencies and organizations.”

“We are currently focusing on identifying sustainable practices to be sure the garden will be a long-term, inclusive program for the community to work with,” said Gibboney.

In a community calendar group, Sean Steed of Huntingdon took initiatives since the last meeting to come up with ways to build a central location to advertise all events happening in the county.

“We need to find what assets we do have and find the main places to gather information,” he said.

Suggestions were also made for categorizing miscellaneous events.

Much of Tuesday’s discussion surrounded creating an improved website, which was created by the Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce, Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau, Juniata College, J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital, Huntingdon County Planning Commission and other partners in the late 2000s.

Ed Stoddard of Huntingdon explained the website pulls from partner sites to show events going on in the community, but the website is run by the Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce.

“The chamber updated its website a couple of years ago, so this site is not ‘listening’ to the other sites as it should to get the events,” said Stoddard.

Mark Colussy, Huntingdon County planning director, also noted is a site where people can find other information on the county as well as post events.

Additionally, Stoddard suggested the group contact chamber office manager Mackenzie Locke, who posts events on the chamber page, as well as Joel Pheasant, who helped create the, site to see how the site can be better utilized for future use of a community calendar.

Adam Miller of Huntingdon and Erica Quinn, both of Huntingdon, also discussing ways to create a safe bike route for residents of Huntingdon Borough.

“We are trying to find out what the needs are and put the right people with the right issues to move forward,” said Miller.

Quinn said they want to bring together different groups that have different ideas.

“You want to identify your assets, because we want to know what we have before we know where we’re going,” said Colussy.

Those who are interested in participating or donating gardening goods for the community food garden can complete a ReInvision Huntingdon form at

Future dates for ReInvision Huntingdon Inc. events will be listed on the group’s Facebook page at

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