Update - Riverview Business Center Development

During the July meeting of the Economic Infrastructure committee, engineer Ben Piper of Keller Engineers presented the final design drawings for the next phase of development for Riverview Business Center in Mount Union.  The plans outline several larger pads than those that are currently pad-ready (lots 2 through 6 below). 

The land that HCBI currently has pad ready (flat pads of ground with all necessary infrastructure and utilities readily available at the site) are two to five acres each and are designed for tenants that are commercial/retail or professional services.  Over the past three years, HCBI has been working to prepare larger pads that can accommodate small to medium size businesses that compliment and support the existing business community.  In December of 2012, HCBI completed a transaction with Linda and Arnold McClure to acquire acreage more suitable for development.  Keller Engineers worked with HCBI staff to complete design drawings that call for the creation of three new lots that are fifteen to twenty acre pads. 


The goal over the next twelve months is to get the new pads ready for occupancy.  Economic development agencies often develop sites as a strategy for attracting new business to the area as well as for the purpose of providing the existing business community a place to expand.  HCBI will develop the roads to each of the new pads and will work with utility and municipal services providers to place water and sewer, electric and telecom services to each of the site.  By doing the preliminary engineering studies and permitting, the site becomes more attractive to a business.   It also provides businesses with a faster track for development as the site preparation is already complete by the time the business takes ownership of the land. 


Using the study Highest and Best Use Study from Environmental Planning and Design, HCBI staff has spent a great deal of time identifying potential tenants for the park.  Staff routinely sends out packets of information to potential tenants, has face to face meetings with companies and utilizes numerous advertising avenues.  Riverview Business Center is currently being marketed through many online outlets include the HCBI website, the PA Site Search Center, through the Governor’s Action Team and on two nationally known real estate sites Co-Stars and Loop Net.