Board of Directors

Tracey Cook


Gregg Peachey 

Vice President

Randy Carper

Clay McMath


Clay McMath


Courtney Lang


"Courtney Land Photograph"


    Class of 2018

    1. Melissa Cisney-Foster - Cisney & O'Donnell Inc
    2. David Gardner- Huntingdon County Board of Realtors
    3. Clay McMath- Brown and Walters Insurance Agency

    Class of 2019 

    1.  Tom Mincemoyer - Mincemoyer Rentals 
    2.  Tracey Cook - Mutual Benefit Group 
    3.  Gregg Peachey  - ACCO Brands
    4.  Larry Burger - Kish Bank Corporation

    Class of 2020

    1. Cory Sisto- IFC Services, Inc.
    2. Courtney Lang- CPA Associates, Inc.
    3. Paul Geist- Huntingdon Fiberglass Products
    4. Ed Stoddard- Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau
    5. Jay Muir- Jay R. Muir Agency
    6. Virginia Cooper- Huntingdon County Recorder and Register of Deeds
    7. John Cook- The Daily News
    8. Barbara Covert- PA Career Link
    9. Brandon Brown- Sandy Ridge Market
    10. Christine Gibson- Juniata College
    11. Scott Ulrich-Mutual Benefit Group

    County Commissioners - Ex Officio 

    1. Mark Sather
    2. Scott Walls 
    3. Jeffrey Thomas 

    Emeritus Board Member - 2016/2017 Class Year

    1.  Brian Wiser - Keller Engineers