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Business Migration in Huntingdon County

As the saying goes, "Location, Location, Location." It is fairly common to think of this phrase in terms of a new entrepreneur looking for a fresh start, however this principle is equally as important to existing businesses that are searching for a new site. Huntingdon County Business and Industry can help locate and finance the optimal space for a business. In the past year, more than 15 local businesses moved to new locations within the county as part of expansion projects. Our assistance reaches further than just local businesses - in the same time at least 5 non-local companies opened satellite locations in the county. 




  • Determine the optimal geographic location for the business.
  • Seek out propertiies that will serve the needs of the business
  • Coordinate and attend 'site tours' of potential property purchases
  • Review local zoning codes



  • Manage a collection of low-interest loans and tax credits
  • Create a financial package which will work best for the entrepreneur
  • Maintain access to revolving loan funds on the county, state and federal levels
  • With the permission of clients, will work directly with his or her bank during business development



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