Business Support

Any Business, Any Size, Any Need. Through a large network of partners and in-house staff knowledge, HCBI is able to meet the needs of the business community.  

Business Planning and Counseling

Many businesses need assistance in completing a written plan for their growth project or for their start up. HCBI works closely with the business counseling team at Saint Francis Small Business Development Center to provide individualized service to develop a comprehensive strategy for the business, including market analysis, financial planning and growth projections

Referrals and Mentoring

Businesses in the county have access to a wide variety of partner agencies that can provide specialized services. Examples include product development/prototyping, pairing local businesses with local professional services such as insurance agents, financial institutions, accounting/bookkeeping and much more.

Workforce Development

Partnerships with several local and regional agencies to provide targeted training programs for incumbent workers as well as trainings for dislocated workers. HCBI also works to be a connector between the business community and our educational partners (secondary and post-secondary) for development of a trained and ready workforce.

Finance Options 

HCBI manages a portfolio of local revolving loan fund options to compliment commercial lending from our local banks. Businesses can also access the regional, state and federal loan options through the HCBI staff. For some types of businesses, there are tax credit and tax abatements options. Click here for more information on low interest loan options. 

Commercial Properties

HCBI has developed a section of our website dedicated to assisting businesses with locating their next home. The commercial properties database has detailed information on commercial sites in the county.