Cost of Living

Cost of Living IndexThe lower-than-average cost of living in Huntingdon County makes it a prime location for both businesses and personal relocation. With less overall costs, businesses have been able to allocate more resources to expansion and development for long-term growth. Individuals have been able to use their discretionary income to start their own businesses, put money back into the community, or simply relax and enjoy what this area has to offer. 

The Cost of Living Index shows that overall, living in this area requires less cost than what is considered the national average (89%) . In certain categories, like transportation and utilities, Huntingdon's average costs exceed those overall average costs for the United States. 

Notable Information
Categories Huntingdon County United States
Housing Price $111,100.00 $ 184,700.00
Median Household Income $39,273.00 $ 55,322.00