Grow Your Business

Area Business Growth and Change

Huntingdon County has experienced significant economic changes over the past decade. Between 2001 and 2011, the number of business establishments in Huntingdon County rose from 954 to 1011. Over much of this time, the sectors which gained the most employment were service oriented and mostly white collar and urban jobs. Historically, labor flowed outward from Huntingdon to the larger surrounding areas. However, with the county's economic diversification and greater self-sufficiency, this is becoming less common.  

Mutual Benefit Group during construction

The Role of HCBI

HCBI has been just as diligent in the process of facilitating business growth as it has in jumpstarting business ventures. Below are the services we offer after your business has got its feet off the ground. 

Product and Process Development

  • Assistance in applying for intellectual property rights
  • Provide contact for necessary professional services
  • Identify potential intern candidates if the business is in need
  • Can provide funding for product prototype testing and equipment purchase, along with the rest of the services above.

Advancing Business Growth

  • Update documents like the business plan for changes in the business
  • Supply information and tools for effective market analysis
  • Re-evaluate financial documents, packages and projections
  • Maintain access to revolving loan funds on the county, state and federal levels. 
  • Provide assistance in relocating due to business expansion (more information)
  • Continue to provide counseling throughout business growth

Additional Information