Huntingdon County Profile

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania is located in The Alleghenies, which is home to some of the best fishing streams in the East, countless miles of hiking trails, rushing whitewater rivers, peaceful lakes, and the countryside Bicycling Magazine named one of the "five top bicycle areas in the nation."

It's a place of quiet towns, picturesque covered bridges, and historic sites dating back to the time when these lands were the final frontier of America. For those who love the outdoors, there's a place just waiting to be explored.

Several key targets for economic and industrial development have been identified by the Partnership for Economic Progress (PEP) as representing the best growth opportunities for new businesses in the area. These focus on:

  • Tourism
  • Active Retirement
  • Wood Products
  • Manufacturing

Huntingdon County Economic Profile (2020 Update)

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Huntingdon County at a Glance

Total Population1 45,168
Male, % of Population2 53.2
Female, % of Population2 46.8
% 65 Years and Over3 20.7
Median Age4 43.5 years
Average Household Size2 2.38 people
Total Housing Units4 22,734
% w/ Bachelor’s Degree +5 16.9
% In Labor Force (16yrs+)6 51.8
Median Family Income $48,597
% Individuals in Poverty4 13.7


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