Becoming a Member of HCBI

The staff here at HCBI, understands that our local businesses need us now more than ever.  COVID-19 has impacted our entire nation, but the business community has suffered the most.  Since March 2020, we've taken calls, emails and messages from hundreds of business owners, non-profit organizations, volunteer service agencies, and other employers.  We've educated them on the available relief funding options, assisted in completing applications, provided guidance and advice on adjusting business models to fit the restraints the pandemic placed on their businesses, and so much more.  We are going-to-bat for our business community, through discussions with our local and state representatives, with our knowledge and services, and with our hearts, because we love our community!

As much as we want to continue helping our area businesses, the pandemic has made our jobs more difficult.  We were also impacted by Covid-19.  We lost state and federal funding that we used for our daily operations, that has been redirected to relief funding.  Although we are glad that our government is freeing up money to assist in relief efforts, it has made our existence a little harder.  So with that being said, our business community doesn't just need us, they need you and we do too!  We need you to join us in supporting each other through becoming a member of Huntingdon County Business & Industry.  We've taken into consideration that Covid-19 has created a financial strain on many, so we've lowered the cost of all the membership levels for 2021.  Even though the prices are lower, the benefits have increased exponentially!  

Digital Sign Advertising: Ability to advertise your business on our digital sign, located in the HCBI parking lot along Rt. 22, at a discounted rate based on your membership level. 

Social Media Advertising: Promoting your business by sharing your social media posts or creating ones that you’ve approved to post on our social media platforms.

W.D. Strategies Consult: Discounted business solutions, website design and management, mobile app creation, marketing consultation, and data analysis.

EightThree Media Package: Discounted packages for professional photos, videos, aerial shots and more.


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Click the following link to complete your application 2021_HCBI_Membership_Application_Fillable_0.pdf

By becoming a member of HCBI, you are directly investing in the growth of your community, right here in Huntingdon County!