Anser Decoy Company, LLC

Anser Decoy

The mission of this successful company is to  provide the waterfowl hunter with the highest quality windsock decoy product line that is 100% made in the USA and an ongoing commitment to give back, first.

After achieving success in the waterfowl guide industry with his James Creek Outfitters service, the principal developed several innovations in the decoys used during the hunts.  After discussing the concepts with others and developing some prototypes that proved themselves, two decisions were made; (1) Pursue patent rights and (2) provide an all American-made product available to the public that could easily compete in this limited market.  While developing the plan, a partner was chosen to assist in the development and operation of the business.  The partner’s background in business and logistics, coupled with a storage facility owned and operated by this other company located in Johnstown, PA, was a logical choice for distribution.

While an employee at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital, this now business owner’s product idea started with a single scrap of material pulled from a trash bin.  Through the development process, he visited over 30 screen printers, a few plastic injection molding companies and experiment with nearly a hundred different products needed to manufacture his product. 

Through this endeavor spanning over two years of development and industry research, the company formally established, manufacturing tools and molds were acquired and the company is now building a solid reputation with more than 20,000 of this company’s products that are being used from the state of California to the state of New Jersey and everywhere in between.  Additionally, their product is currently overseas in Scotland and is pending additional orders. 
This company has been featured with Penn Lines Magazine, Lancaster Newspaper, WTAJ’s “Central PA Live” and “What We Make”.