Community State Bank

Community State Bank

The story behind Community State Bank is a true example of how entrepreneurship, hard work, and understanding a community’s needs can lead to much success.  

In 1949, Emery Parsons Sr. of Orbisonia, Pennsylvania, saw that the community had a need for a banking institution so set out to start one.  He would walk door to door looking for any investment into his venture that he could find.  This persistence lasted a couple of years until the bank officially was built and opened its doors in 1951. 

As time went by, the community took advantage of the services this new corporation provided and the bank’s assets grew significantly. 

In a span of less than twenty-four years, Community State bank has built six branches, and expanded and joined their main office and operations annex. The completion of the Orbisonia facilities into one large complex with a community meeting room, training facilities, a new board room, and space for future growth was accomplished in November of 2000.

In today’s ever changing technological society, Community State Bank continues to explore the ways that banking is changing.  They acknowledge that there is less need for brick and mortar for expansion, and are leaning towards becoming more technologically savvy without sacrificing jobs. 

As Huntingdon County's only locally owned bank headquartered in Huntingdon County, Community State Bank has remained committed to enhancing long term value to their shareholders while providing exceptional service to their customers and reinvesting in the community.  This investment in the community is vital for growth and success for individuals and businesses alike.